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February 17th, 2022



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Holdfast: Frontlines is an online multiplayer first and third person shooter set during WW1. Engage in large scale and destructive battles of The Great War with over 150 players per server, featuring rifles, machine-guns, artillery, grenades and other iconic weaponry and mechanics from the time.


Version 2.0 Release

The release of Frontlines on February the 17th 2022 saw the introduction of version 2.0 for the Holdfast IP. Alongside providing a completely new experience with the mentioned free total-conversion DLC, the entire game received a graphical overhaul and multiple new roleplay features implemented to continue promoting engaging player to player interactions.


  • Experience The Great War - Courageously charge over the top and experience The Great War like never before with 150+ players in Holdfast: Frontlines. Storm trenches with grenades, counter enemy attacks with devastating machine gun fire, rain terror with artillery shells and organise with your squad to capture integral positions.
  • Battlefield Roles - Featuring squad gameplay, the new Offensive gamemode brings a new way to dominate the Holdfast battlefields. Fight in large-scale skirmishes and battles in an attempt to totally dominate the enemy by capturing strategic positions linearly, closely simulating the tug of war warfare from the time.
  • Halt Oncoming Charges - It was the weapon that changed warfare forever. Make use of the MG-08 and Vickers machine guns to halt oncoming enemy assaults in their tracks. Suppress the enemy with relentless firepower and turn the tide of battle within seconds, these deadly weapons are not to be taken lightly and are no easy task to overcome when in the hands of a skilled soldier.
  • Shell Enemy Encampments - Break the stalemate of the trenches by shelling enemy positions and provide smoke screens for allied assaults. Artillery are key components in the war machine and will literally shape the battlefield under their intense bombardment. Featuring moveable Heavy Howitzers, Light Howitzers and Heavy Mortars there will be little escape from the nightmare they bring.
  • Entrench Your Positions - Construct a frontline or prepare a defensive position and take cover for dear life with the Frontlines entrenchment mechanics. Engineers are able to dig trenches to their exact requirements with specialised pieces such as Sandbags, Periscopes, Shooting Platforms and Roofs.
  • Welcoming Community - Holdfast is more than just a game, its community provides an extra experience with it through the many role-play features and VoIP. Holdfast’s community brings role-players, regiment (clan) members, casual gamers and those who are here just for the untimely funny moments together. It ultimately results in the unique experience Holdfast and its community offers.


Version 2.0 teaser trailer for Holdfast: Frontlines. YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "IndieDB's 2017 Indie of the Year Top 10" - Holdfast: NaW
  • "Steam's Best of 2017 New Releases" - Holdfast: NaW
  • "Best Creative Enterprise 2018 by the Malta Art Awards" - Holdfast: NaW
  • "Best Creative Enterprise 2019 by the Malta Art Awards" - Holdfast: NaW
  • "IndieDB's 2020 Best Indie Multiplayer" - Holdfast: NaW
  • "Steam's 2020 Best EA Graduates" - Holdfast: NaW

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About Anvil Game Studios

Anvil Game Studios is a game development company based in Malta with an international team of passionate individuals. We independently developed and produced our debut title ‘Holdfast: Nations At War’ and our latest WW1 total conversion DLC ‘Holdfast: Frontlines’ - A multiplayer first and third person shooter set during the great Napoleonic and WW1 eras. Massive battles with over 150 players per server take place in the game.

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Holdfast: Frontlines Credits

Andrew Farrugia

Julian Farrugia
Lead 3D Artist

Andreas Grech
Lead Programmer

Dylan Abela
Senior Programmer - 13th August 2018

Walentin Lamonos
Programmer - 1st January 2020

Cameron Saliba
UI Designer, Freelance

Jackson Bedford Beebe
Character Designer, Freelance

Tassilo Egloffstein
Audio, Freelance

Tom Fell
Media Specialist, Freelance

Reuben Storey
Level Designer, Freelance

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